", "author": "", "description": "Taking classes during summer semester is a smart idea. You’ll be able to earn your degree sooner, get into the workforce, and jump-start your career – saving time and money. Not to mention; great scholarships, small class sizes, no charge for parking permit, and in-state tuition for international and out-of-state students – now that’s a smart decision.", "dir": "/summer/programs", "site": "/summer", "inc": "/summer/includes", "path": "/summer/programs/index.html", "url": "//www.toadyjoe.com/summer/programs/index.html", "section-layout-1": "header-fullbleed", "header-image": "/summer/images/studyin-1200.jpg", "header-slider": "", "section-layout-2": "one-col", "section-layout-3": "one-col", "section-layout-4": "one-col", "section-layout-5": "hide", "section-layout-6": "hide", "deptCss": "", "deptJs": "" };