Important Notice

Please keep in mind that you must apply to receive your degree regardless of if you are participating in any ceremonies.

Posting of Degrees

  • Check your graduation status in my爱博登录页面 (Student> Registration & Academics> Degree Information).
  • Degrees will start to be awarded approximately two weeks after the end of each semester.
  • The awarding process takes approximately  eight weeks to complete.
  • Diplomas are mailed six to eight weeks after the end of the semester.

graduation status

guy in a hard hat holding diploma

Ordering Transcripts

  • The legal documentation proving graduation is the Official Academic Transcript and may be requested through my爱博登录页面 or Records.
  • If you have a hold, speak to the department that has placed the hold.

Request Transcripts

Diploma Ordering

  • Each 爱博登录页面 graduate is issued one free paper copy and one free digital copy of their 爱博登录页面 diploma issued at the end of their graduating term.
  • If you are Alumni of 爱博登录页面, UVSC, UVCC, etc., you may order a new 爱博登录页面 diploma online through Michael Sutter.
  • Reissued diplomas cost $25 each, which you will pay for at the time of your order.
  • If you graduated before Fall of 2019, please select the "Request a Secure ID" option on the Michael Sutter's website.

Order a Reissued Diploma

Deficiency Notices

  • All correspondence regarding graduation will be sent to your 爱博登录页面 student email account.
  • Notices will be sent as early as one week before the end of the semester and as late as two weeks after the semester.

After you apply

What Could Prevent Graduation?

Requirements that prevent graduation may include, but are not limited to incomplete 'I' and missing 'M' grades, challenge and experiential credit, other non-爱博登录页面 (transfer) credit, or any missing requirements.

Preventing your graduation